Competetive Exam Notifications


A great person once said "Dreams are not what we sleep and perceive, but those that we perceive wide awake." For all those who intend realizing their dreams and notice it come true, you have just one name to reckon – The RB IIT Academy. In this connection, we whole heartedly extend a warm welcome to all those prospective IITians to part take in the time–tested, result-oriented educational pedagogy and reap rich dividends, while bringing name and fame to yourself, your parents, you teachers and the world at large.

The student fraternity today are exposed to umpteen academic challenges which question their caliber and capabilities in rising to the occasion even at the most pressing times. The IIT fever has percolated into the academic main stream to such an extent that one observes gate-crashing rush among students who look forward eagerly to make it to the IIT. Keeping the students' aspiration in mind, the RB IIT Academy with its result-oriented background and time-tested expertise is all geared up to meet the requirements. The staff of Academy for over two decades, has been adroitly catering to the needs of IIT aspirants who wish to make it big in life.

Who are we?

The RB IIT Academy is one of the pioneers and promoters of educational methodologies and ideologies around the country. We are ably backed by a workforce comprising renowned academicians and exceptionally talented faculty, culled gems drawn from the length and breadth of the country. Our main aim is to instill and inculcate confidence and a dedicated spirit of learning among the student community and strive hard to bring out the best in them. Our primary objective is to catch them young and prepare them for a bright and career- oriented future.

Our Motto - Catch Them Young

We firmly believe that a student must know before hand what he/she wishes to pursue. Our foundation courses ensure a platform where our students are groomed in such a way that they become eligible to select what is best for them. The RB IIT Academy walks hand–in-hand with the students guiding them and counseling them at every step of their endeavour.

What does your ward need?

To embark upon a career-oriented future, first and foremost your ward needs a sound and stable foundation. His or her skills must invariably match the competitive world of today. Keeping this in mind our foundation course seeks to harness such skills and moulds him/her into a perfectionist.

How do we realize your ward's need?

Our course is tailored to meet the challenges that usually confront the student community particularly those who are reaching out for a career-oriented take-off. The students will be put through a rigorous training package which scans the talent in them and decides their future course of action. The burden which is normally associated with the IIT course will be lessened considerably by this capsule course.