Competetive Exam Notifications


IITJEE requires a very systematic preparation and it tests your fundamentals of the subject related to a topic or combination of topics and your ability to think logically and analytically. It examines your basic concepts its logical aspects and your ability to apply fundamentals to multi-conceptual problems. Even after mastering basic concepts, we are not in a position to solve problems there we require strategy to break the logic. The teaching methodology at RB IIT academy offers the students a very systematically designed curriculum with a stepwise theory teaching testing and discussion of strategies over the learned concepts.


The practice material at RB IIT Academy is developed by experienced faculty based on the research and experience of many years in the field of IITJEE coaching. The problems are designed in a systematic and scientific way that enables the students to develop a complete understanding. Challenging and elaborative problems are arranged in a logical set to understand the subject chapter wise, developing in the students a step-by-step excellence for IITJEE.


IITJEE, it becomes very important that you have a proper examination temperament and different approach to the subject than most of the other exams. The regular tests designed by the senior faculty of RB IIT Academy train you to build the temperament and the art of facing IITJEE. To solve the typical IITJEE problems you have to think in many dimensions as the process of formation of IITJEE paper is pretty complex. Similarly the class room discussion of RB IIT Academy exposes you to such multi conceptual problems and the practice problems given by the faculty strengthens your understanding and applications of concepts and fundamentals.


Hard work is indispensable for IITJEE. If you are intelligent that’s good but intelligence alone is not going to make you succeed in IITJEE. The teaching methodology of at RB IIT Academy is so designed that it puts you on such a well planned path that it makes you to realise your maximum potential in a very motivating manner. Our success formula is 1 + 1 system of academics i.e., every teaching period is followed by working period on the same day. During working period, the child will apply the learned concepts to solve different level problems. The difficult problems will be solved with the help of either senior faculty or associates. In this way, the cycle of learning gets completed within the class itself.


It is quite necessary that all students advance in the syllabus with full confidence and all their doubts are addressed properly and well in time i.e in working period. The teaching method at RB IIT Academy has the necessary ingredient of regular doubt removal sessions in every class for the problems encountered in the practice material and tests.