Competetive Exam Notifications

Charaka (For Long Term NEET Students)

Target Class
Class XIII
Corse Name Charaka
Eligibility Class XII appearing/passed students
Course Commencement 05.07.2023 | 20.08.2023
Completion of syllabus 31.03.2024
Admission Process Admission through Selection Test
conducted by RB IIT Academy

Course Scheme

The Curriculum is intended for those aspirants who may be well-versed with the theory part but are unable to comprehend and relate to the ‘application part’ besides facilitating an easy approach to detecting arithmetical problems.

The idea behind the course is to scrupulously prepare the aspirants for the NEET by extending to them expertise in the form of Regular Assignments, Weekly Tests, Mains & Advanced-oriented tests in order that they may secure Vigorous practice in the above said areas.

Course Make-Up

  • Normal Class room pedagogy.
  • The course comprises XI & XII standard syllabus with focus on NEET. Basic rudiments of the subject will be imparted with comprehensive emphasis on Conceptual learning.
  • Hours of Learning: 9 am to 4 pm.
  • ( ie 9 am to 1 pm 3 x 80 minute Teaching sessions of Biology, Physics and Chemistry followed by 1 hour Luncheon).
  • 2 pm to 2.30 pm Doubts clearing sessions.
  • 3.30 to 4.30 commencement of practice Tests.
  • Frequency of teaching hours 5 to 6 lecturers per week.
  • Weekly tests in the form of mains and advance FORMAT.
  • Periodical Tests once a month in the form of part & Cumulative Test.
  • Regular doubt clearing classes.

The characteristic feature of this course:

  • Thorough and total accomplishment of the entire syllabus in one academic year with utmost care and dexterity.
  • We make sure that the course is not limited to NEET alone but carried forward to meet the requirements of all competitive exams since understanding logic and methodology is the high light of our teaching.
  • Provide knowledge of highest level related to fundamentals and concepts, best possible guidance, speed, accuracy, balanced evaluation of performance on periodic basis, test temperament and right kind of competition.
  • The Test Series comes out helpful in maintaining level of NEET preparation even after completion of Course.